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2020 Year in Review & 2021 Intentions

Happy New Year!!

I hope you had a mostly wonderful holiday with your family.  We were very fortunate and were able to spend the holidays with some family while missing others.  And in total as I reflect on the past year that sort of sums it up.  In a tough year where we missed many things we were fortunate enough to have each other and our health and some very bright moments. While organizing my 2020 photos I saw that we took many amazing moments and experiences.

We started the year with a decent amount of skiing in Stratton, VT.

We were lucky to take an early warm winter vacation to Atlantis!!

And even though we were on lock down we tried to stay healthy and active with many bike runs and

nature hikes (thank goodness for the Rye Nature Center!).

To stay busy we played A LOT of games, cooked and baked together.

But there were definitely moments we just had enough!

As a family we were fortunate to have access to golf and we played a lot!  It was a great safe way to finally socialize and get out again!

We were lucky enough to have an almost normal summer and even got to take a fun trip to Lake Placid.

And enjoyed some normal outdoor sports activities in the fall.

And in a year of uncertainty I was very grateful for our health and my children who bring joy, fun and laughter (as much as they can be hard too!).

We were also very blessed to have Chris working from home and with us more which I think everyone will very much miss when life returns to normal.

I am working on setting some small intentions for the New Year to personally stay healthy and help my family stay healthy as well. Drinking more water again, reading more books, setting down my phone at night, logging my miles and trying to use more reusable bags.  

I am also working on bringing you some new recipes and ideas for 2021.  Please let me know if there are ideas you are looking for and how I can possibly help more!

Enjoy this weeks meal plan we are looking to get back on track with healthy meals and less sugar for the month of January!  

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You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!

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