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2022 Kitchen Gift Guide – Kids & Adults!


2022 Kitchen Essentials Gift Guide - Photo

Hi! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite items if you are looking to update or add to your kitchen or gift kitchen items (to adults or kids) this holiday season.  Check them out below or click the picture above for a pdf with links to each item.


  1. Food Processor – I use this multiple times a week.  A helpful tool when making energy bites, soups, pesto and pie dough.  You can also shred vegetables such as zucchini, carrots (great when making muffins) and brussels sprouts as well as slice fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, zucchini, apples which is helpful with meal prep.
  2. Vitamix – This is a splurge item, but I find it totally wroth it!  I use mine multiple times a week for smoothies and love it in the winter for soups!
  3. Ninja Foodie 14 in 1 Smart Cooker – This amazing appliance does it all.  It is an instant pot, air fryer, slow cooker plus more in 1.  Those are the 3 most used functions I use.  I enjoy the instant pot for meal prep (rice, grains, beans, shredded chicken) and soups.  The air fryer is great for making frozen nuggets and fries crispier as well as reheating food and has been wonderful for some other recipes.  Lastly, this has replaced my normal slow cooker as an all in one appliance – it is large but I love it.
  4. Slow Cooker – I don’t know how I ever lived without one!  If you don’t want the all in one you at least need this!  This is so helpful for busy weeknights when the kids have activities or when you are just out all day.  I also love using it for when I have a crowd because I can enjoy my guests and not worry about cooking.  I also love making applesauce, yogurt and oatmeal with it.  I love this one because you can sear right in the pot and you don’t have to dirty another pan.
  5. Scale – I find this helpful in baking (sourdough), when I meal prep and want to separate meat and in cooking for weighing vegetables.


  1. Tramontina Non-Stick Fry Pan – I finally bought a new non-stick frying pan (for eggs specifically) and this is the one that was post recommended.  I really love it, especially the silicone grip which makes it easy to transfer to the oven.  This is helpful for frittatas and when you sear meat and need to finish in the oven.
  2. Cookie Scoops – Super helpful for making cookies, measuring muffin batter, pancakes, energy bites and even meatballs!
  3. Spatula & Mini Spatula Set – I always fine having an extra spatula helpful and the mini ones are super handy for flipping pancakes, getting the last bits out of jars, serving and easier for little helper hands to use (so a great stocking stuffer for kids too).
  4. Mini Whisk or Set of Whisks – I love to use this for eggs, dressings and sauces. Also a fun item for a child who loves to bake.
  5. Lemon Juicer – helpful for catching the seeds when juicing lemons.  It is not in the kids guide, but my children love to use this.
  6. Tongs – I use these for everything – I find them to be the perfect size.  Used for grilling, serving veggies, keeping hands clean during meal prep, taking meat out of a slow cooker etc…
  7. Peeler – everyone needs a really good peeler and the Swiss peelers really do work the best.  I find especially if you like winter squashes they all don’t work great and this is my favorite.  This could also be great for kids.
  8. Herb Scissors – Quickly removes leaves from the stems of fresh herbs with herb stripper. Snip herbs in perfectly sized pieces right onto plates and pans. Say good-bye to tedious mincing and chopping with the most useful, fun kitchen gadget ever!
  9. Pizza Cutter – Not just for pizza, I love to use this cutter for quesadillas and dough as well!
  10. Cuisinart Knife Set with Covers – I recently purchased these to have an extra set of knives as mine are getting old.  I really love them – they are super fun and colorful and I like to have the covers for travel (outside to grill or for a picnic night!).

2022 Kids Kitchen Essentials Gift Guide - Photo


  1. Kids Knives – they are perfect for the youngest helpers – they make meal prep fun!  We use ours all of the time.  They are also great for cutting brownies.
  2. Kids Baking & Cooking Set – For a child who loves to help out in the kitchen this set includes many of the items I mentioned above.
  3. Kids Baking Set – For a child who just loves baking!  This one also includes many of my regular kitchen essentials.
  4. Peeler – Great for adults and kids.  These are easy for kids to use and it is a kitchen activity they enjoy helping with.
  5. Mini Kitchen Utensil Set – This is the perfect starter set of utensils and the mini size is great for little hands!  A great stocking stuffer for a child who likes to help in the kitchen.
  6. Mini Spatula Set – A great stocking stuffer for kids too these mini spatulas are perfect for little bakers.
  7. Dash Waffle Maker – Great for families or tweens who like to make breakfast!  This mini waffle maker makes waffles that are the perfect size for toddler hands too!
  8. Dash Mini Donut Maker – A much easier and faster way to make mini donuts.  Perfect for a child or tween who loves to experiment in the kitchen.

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