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2022 Spring Break Family Trip to Texas

Hyatt Hill Country Family Vacation - PhotoWe live in New York and this was our second family trip to Texas (we have no ties to it so it is somewhat random) but both trips have been so great there will definitely be more!  We stumbled upon the JW Marriot in San Antonio in 2017 when we were looking for somewhere warm that was not Florida or the Caribbean.  Due to similar but not the same circumstances we were looking for the same thing this year.  Our middle son still talks about it and he had been almost 3 because he had so much fun on the water slides and our youngest didn’t get to go.

Upon researching it again we stumbled upon the the Hyatt Hill Country Resort which looked equally fun.  We decided that the water slides at the JW Marriott were too good to pass up, but wanted to try the new resort so we split our week between both places and we were not disappointed.

We started at the Hyatt Hill Country and they had one fun waterslide and a lazy river.

Hyatt Hill Country Water Slide - Photo

They had crafts and games everyday for kids.  There was a playground too!

My children LOVED the breakfast buffet.  We ate all of our meals there and had 2 great dinners too.

Hyatt Hill Country Breakfast - Photo

The animal farm was super cute and my children really enjoyed the meet and greet with the animals.

Hyatt Hill Country Animals - Photo

One of our favorite parts was the access to bikes for all ages!  They had a ton (and helmets) so you never had to worry about the timing of using them.

Hyatt Hill Country Bikes - Photo

They had a lot of fun games inside and outside.

And we enjoyed going on a trail ride on the grounds of the hotel.

Hyatt Hill Country Horse Back Riding - Photo

Peter was too young for the trail ride but he could do a pony ride.

Hyatt Hill Country pony ride - Photo

They also had fishing every morning which is not an activity we do often so it was great to have easy access to it.

Hyatt Hill Country Fishing - Photo

Mid-vacation we headed to the JW Marriott (about an hour drive).  You cannot beat the beautiful scenery.  Our favorite part of the JW Marriott is the waterslides.  I only captured videos, but you should check out the waterpark here.  They really have something for all ages.  You are not far from restaurants off the property, but we decided to keep it simple and had all of our meals on the property (which we really enjoyed).

JW Marriott San Antonio Family Vacation - Photo

They also had activities everyday and games inside for everyone.

We were there over Easter and they really did a great job with it.  The Easter bunny greeted us on the day we arrived (Friday) and they had a big fun Easter egg hunt.

As well as a field of inflatable games.  They also had a night with an inflatable bounce house.

If you have younger kids this sandy beach area is super cute.

I honestly cannot say which one I liked better, both were really nice and had a lot to do for our children.  I loved the rustic atmosphere of the Hill Country Resort, the horse back riding, fishing, biking and animals.  The pool and water slides (we have not found a resort with better water slides) are definitely better at the JW Marriott.  For older children the JW Marriott may be better.  If you want to do some time in Austin (I regret not doing), the Hyatt Hill Country Resort is closer.  We will definitely be making another family trip to Texas!

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