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Build Your Own Family Pasta Bar Night!

Make a Family Pasta Bar - Photo

Build Your Own Family Pasta Bar Night is a fun and easy dinner night that is super flexible and adaptable to your families preferences! We love this in our meatless Monday rotation but you could really do it any night. I thought it would be the perfect time to share because it is also a great freezer and pantry staple meal night as well as a clean out your fridge night.  While we are not eating out it could also be a fun way to play restaurant and make dinner more exciting for the night 🤗

Family Pasta Bar - Photo

I offer a variety of options and have my children pick a balance of 3 toppings.  Some picky eaters don’t love when their foods touch and you can do this on separated plate too! 

I like to add spinach to mine and make a big pasta salad :). I love to use Family Pasta Bar Night as a fun, but really easy and simple night.   Most week’s I am only cooking the pasta and the rest I am using leftovers or just opening a can or microwaving a frozen vegetable.  I often use this easy summer pasta as a base.

What you need for Build Your Own Family Pasta Bar Night: 

  • Favorite Pasta – Regular, Gluten Free, Chickpea, Veggie etc…
    • Pictured above is a mix of tri-color & chickpea
  • Favorite Sauce or Sauces –  Open your favorite jar of sauce and/or pesto
    • With all of the toppings we love to just use olive oil and salt
  • Protein: Beans (we do for Meatless Monday), chicken or meatballs
    • Pictured above is beans (sometimes we do 2 types)
  • Veggie: Your Favorite or Easiest Option! Frozen, Canned, Spinach, Kale or whatever you have left and want to roast
    • Pictured above is roasted asparagus (a lot of times I use a leftover roasted vegetable)
  • Cheese: Mozzarella and/or Parmesan (there are tons of dairy free options now too if you need)
    • Above are my children’s favorites but goat cheese or feta could work here too!
  • Other: Tomatoes, Olives, Artichokes

I really love this night for a use what you have and clean out the fridge night!

Easy Family Pasta Bar - Photo

Family Pasta Bar Night is also a great option in the summer or fall when you have a lot of activities and need a quick and flexible meal.  I cook the pasta and prepare the bowls ahead so it is ready when we come home.  In the summer zucchini and corn would be great seasonal options!


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