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Creative Ways To Use Deli Meat for Kids Lunches

Kids Lunch Meat & Veggie Kebabs - Photo

Anyone else have children who don’t like just plain turkey & cheese sandwiches?? I wanted to share creative ways to use deli meat for kids lunches when you are bored of sandwiches or your children don’t like just plain turkey & cheese.

  • Kebabs – These are super fun and a good make ahead option.  Use any combination of deli meats, cheeses and veggies your kids enjoy.  

Turkey & Cheese Roll-ups - Photo

  • Roll-ups – Cut or peel a cheese stick in half or thirds and roll the meats around it.  These can also be made ahead.  

Kids Homemade Lunchables - photo

  • Homemade Lunchables – this is one of the most frequently requested lunches.  This is also a good make ahead option.  I wait to put the crackers in the morning of.  My children love this best with turkey pepperoni and pre-cut square cheeses.  For holidays it is fun to cut the cheese or turkey into shapes.  Any crackers will work, I buy wheat thins most of the time.  If you are gluten free, the simple mills almond flour crackers are great at home and the Mary’s Gone Crackers Thins are great for at school. 

Kids Turkey & Cheese Quesadilla - Photo

  • Turkey/Ham & Cheese Quesadilla – This is like a panini but my children seem to prefer it much more than a panini (it is softer and easier for them to eat).  You could also layer some veggies into here, but my kiddos always detect them.  I usually make these the morning of.  

Kids Turkey Pinwheels - photo

  • Pinwheels – I spread cream cheese on a wrap and then layer a piece of turkey on.   Then roll it up and cut it into about 1 inch pieces.

Turkey & Veggie Pinwheels - photo

  • Meat & Veggie Pinwheels – You could also layer vegetables into this (shredded carrots, spinach etc.. but my kids do not like it that way) Sprinkle or lay the vegetable on after the cream cheese and then layer the meat on top and roll up and cut.  This can be made ahead of time too and a good bulk option to make a bunch in the beginning of the week.  

Kids Lunch Meat Ideas - photo

  • Just as an extra – have it be the side and not the main attraction.  Some picky kids don’t like their foods combined but may actually like it on its own.  It is great for an extra spot in a bento box with a lot of compartments!  
  • As a pizza bagel topping – not pictured will try it out soon!

Are their different ways your kids like to eat deli meat?  If you are looking for more lunch ideas check out my lunch inspiration category and download my free Kids Lunch Chart pdf!


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