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Easter 2020

While it may have not been a normal holiday, the Easter magic was still amazing for our children and I feel so blessed we are healthy and have each other.  To be honest, Easter has never been a huge holiday for us with rotating families every other year.  It was actually nice to stay here (even though we do everyday) for the holiday.

Savanna, John and Peter were super excited about their baskets and the fun egg hunt.  Savanna was an amazing big sister to Peter helping him understand how to find his eggs.  Peter was excited to find some new cars and chocolate.

For little kids it was actually very nice to stay home.  They were able to play with their new toys and not have to get dressed up and drive somewhere (they hate the car!)

We were lucky to have beautiful weather to be outside for most of the day.  Chris’s parents and brother came over for a distant lunch.  We have a rock wall with a small patch of grass on the other side in the front of our house which has been very useful for social distancing.   They brought their own food and watched us play.

Savanna received a fun cupcake lego set that she proudly assembled with a little guidance from Chris.  I kept the food super simple. We cooked a nice steak and fish for everyone to choose.  Since we are not eating out and I don’t often cook it, boxed Mac and Cheese has been “special” for the kids so that is what they wanted as a side.  I made Chris and I quinoa with asparagus.  And I made our 3rd loaf of sourdough.  Having bread with dinner is a special treat and we have been enjoying it on the weekends.   Easy Bunny Cake - Photo

For dessert they requested a bunny cake and I made my favorite carrot cake that I used to make when I had a bakery.  It comes together pretty easily and is one of our favorite cakes to have!  I made it in a 13×9 pan and cut a bunny shape out with a pairing knife.  I have also made this carrot cake in a bundt pan and to be honest while the bunny is festive for little kids I enjoy it as a bundt cake more.  This cake is so moist and yummy it doesn’t need all of the icing.

We enjoyed our cake while having a family zoom session.  Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family!  ❤️ Kristan

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You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!

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