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February Family Cooking Round-Up

Kids Quesadillas - photo

I was happy we were able to make another 4 recipes for our February Family Cooking.  Savanna even took on one recipe solo.  This month we branched out and used some recipes that were not in the Kid’s Cook book.


The one major lesson learned this month was the recipes we chose that were not in the kid’s cookbook were actually easier than some of the kids cookbook recipes.  Going forward we are going to do a mix of recipes from the book and recipes from other sources.  While observing, I also learned it is hard for kids to chop an onion into small pieces.  I am going to purchase chopped frozen onions and test them out as a shortcut for kids (and adults who don’t like cooking).

February Family Cooking Roundup

See below for the recipes with notes

  1. Quesadillas – Easiest because it is the most simple recipe, but I thought it is a good staple for the kids to know how to do.
  2. Cashew Chicken & Broccoli – see below for recipe notes – this is amazing and was an overall HUGE family win and was the overall family favorite of the month.  We found this pretty straight forward and not a very hard recipe.
  3. Rice and Bean Bowls –  This was great too – Savanna mostly made on her own so a fairly simple recipe. I actually think it could be simplified a little more (see below).
  4. Chicken Picadillo – besides chopping the onion this recipe is super simple with only 3 steps.  We would say it was the 2nd easiest.

If you want to check out all of the family cooking recipes you can find them here.


A great basic for kids to learn how to do.  This is a great lunch or simple light last minute dinner too.  You can bulk them up with black beans if you want.  Peter had fun “painting” the oil on.

How kids can help in the kitchen - photo Kids Cooking - photo

Kids Cookbook Cheese Quesadillas Recipe - photo

Cashew Chicken & Broccoli

Based on this recipe – see below for our adaptations.  This is a definite keeper and will be making again.

Kids in the Kitchen - photo Easy Cashew Chicken Recipe - photo

Gimmie Some Oven Cashew Chicken Recipe with Notes - photo

Rice & Bean Bowls

Savanna took this on solo, I set out ingredients and was around for questions.  A great meatless meal to have in your rotation.  The sauce is delicious, but it is great without it as well so I would consider it an easy last minute pantry meal / freezer meal.  We almost always have rice, beans, salsa and frozen corn stocked.

Kids Rice and Beans Recipe - photo

Kids Cookbook Rice & Bean Bowl Recipe 1 - Photo Kids Cookbook Rice and Bean Bowl 2 - photo

Cuban Picadillo

The boys made this one.  It was a yummy new way to use ground beef for us.  Additionally, if I made it they may have complained about the tomato and onion pieces in it.  Since they made it they dove in and loved it.  One of the many benefits of them being a part of the process.

Boys Night Cooking - photo Cuban Picadillo - photo Boys Cooking in the Kitchen Feb - photo Skinny Taste Cuban Picadillo Recipe with Notes - photo

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