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Kids Lunch Chart

Kids Lunch Chart - PhotoGrab your Kids Lunch Chart!

To start the school year off I thought it may be fun and helpful to do a lunch week!  Starting with a kids lunch chart for inspiration.   I am also looking to share some fun and hopefully different lunch ideas that you can take on the go or eat at home.

How I like to pack a Lunch

  1. Start with a main protein or combo (see above)
  2. Pick a fruit
  3. Pick a Veggie
  4. Healthy snack / treat
  5. Add a dip if needed (hummus, guacamole, ranch or you can check out some of mine!)

Why I love this Kids Lunch Chart! 

🍎We often get into a rut of having the same things so I find having this chart helpful for reminding us of combos we may have forgotten about

🥕Savanna has even started to ask to pack her own lately and this chart helps give her guidance and independence

🍓My kiddos also like looking at this to pick some lunches out for the week 

🥑When they do this I find it helps with grocery shopping –  most of the time I just ask them to tell me what types of combos/ proteins they want for the week so I know what to add to my list

This is not an all encompassing list, just some of favorites that we like to rotate.  Stay tuned this week and head over to my lunch category for more ideas!

Lunch boxes & Tools I like to use!

If you are in the market for new lunch boxes these are the ones we like to use:

Bentgo Lunch Box – Our Favorite School Lunch Box. We love all of the compartments for a variety of food choices. It comes in blue as well!

Simplete Bento Lunch Box – These are a great inexpensive bulk option.  They are super light to carry so good for small children and for taking on adventures.


LunchBots Large Lunch Box – a great stainless steel option – it fits a full sandwich perfectly!

Silicone Cups – I love using these to make extra compartments if I need in the lunchboxes with 3 sections.

ThermosThis one (unicorn, monkey and lots of cute characters) is great for younger kids and my older kids love this one (foogo).  They are great for pasta and soups!

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Because the world deserves a bit more goodness
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