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Hi! I am so excited you have come to explore my site! I am a stay at home mom to three little ones aged 1 to 6. I love to have fun keeping up with their boundless energy, cook healthy meals, and staying fit myself. I dream about new recipes and love to read up on nutrition. My goal is to inspire you to get in the kitchen more and teach you that it doesn’t have to be complicated!  Like many other moms I have been in numerous career fields. My last pursuit before having children was owning a small, made to order baking business in NYC, where I made cake pops, cakes, loaves etc… (You can check out some of my fun creations on my Pinterest page). After my babies had dairy and soy allergies as babies, I started to read labels more and realized how much junk there is in packaged foods, so when possible I prefer to make their food. We are not perfect over here and love occasional indulgences, going out to dinner, and some packaged foods to make it easier!

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Lemon Juicer - helpful for catching the seeds when juicing lemons

lemon juicer

Knives perfect for the youngest helpers - they make meal prep fun!

Cherry Pitter - helpful in baking & makes cherries more fun for your children to eat 

large scoop

medium scoop

Small Scoop

Perfect for making muffins and cupcakes

My favorite cookie scooper and useful for cake pops and large energy bites

Useful for mini cookies, mini muffins and energy bites

Silicone baking cups

LunchBots Large lunch box

Bentgo lunch box

Not only perfect for making muffins, cupcakes & bars but also useful for lunch boxes and separating foods

This lunchbox is a great stainless steal option and fits a sandwich perfectly!

Our Favorite School Lunch Box We love all of the compartments for a variety of food choices. It comes in blue as well!

Rosle Fruit muddler

Silicone loaf pan

Silicone baking molds

Not only is it great for cocktail making, I like to use it for quickly mashing bananas or avocados

Great for baking quick breads and easy to clean!

Kids knives Set

Cherry Pitter

A great tool for enlisting your kids to help with apple snacks and baking!

Great for baking quick breads and easy to clean!

Great for baking muffins, mini muffins and brownies! 

Oxo Good grips apple corer

Perfect for packing pasta, soups and other hot foods for school lunches

Unicorn thermos

Perfect for packing pasta, soups and other hot foods for school lunches

Unicorn thermos

Perfect for packing pasta, soups and other hot foods for school lunches

Unicorn thermos

Perfect for packing pasta, soups and other hot foods for school lunches

Unicorn thermos

Perfect for packing pasta, soups and other hot foods for school lunches

Perfect for packing pasta, soups and other hot foods for school lunches

Perfect for packing pasta, soups and other hot foods for school lunches

Perfect for packing pasta, soups and other hot foods for school lunches

Perfect for holiday baking! 
Adjustable rings to ensure your dough is all the same thickness

Unicorn thermos

Unicorn thermos

Unicorn thermos

foogo thermos


Perfect for holiday baking helpers and holiday cookie parties!

Kids Rolling 

Turn your pan into an easy non-stick surface - can replace your parchment paper and makes for easy clean up!

SilPat for
Half Sheet Pans

This is a splurge item, but I find it totally wroth it!  I use mine multiple times a week for smoothies and love it in the winter for soups!


 Simplete Bento Lunch Box Set

These are a great bulk option.  We use these for adventures and they are lighter so easier for younger children to carry in their backpack

These pans are great for roasting veggies and baking cookies!

Half Sheet Pans

Helpful for baking and I use mine a ton when I buy in bulk and want to separate and freeze

Oxo Kitchen Scale

Better than foil - I love these sheets for easy non-stick baking and cooking!  Great for roasting veggies and baking cookies!

Parchment paper sheets

A helpful tool when making energy bites, soups and pie dough.  It comes with a slicing and shredding blade which is great for prepping veggies!

Cuisinart Food Processor


Grow Thyme, Giant of Italy Parsley, Garlic Chives, Slow Bolt Cilantro, and Italian Large Leaf Basil: includes 5 biodegradable planting pots, 5 seed packets, 2 expanding soil discs, 5 plant markers, 1 herb grinder, and a How To Grow Herbs Instruction Booklet.

herb garden Starter kit

Paint & Plant!
Kit includes: Tin Planter, plastic liner, soil, 3 seed packets, 6-color paint strip, 2 paint brushes, paint palette, 3 wooden plant markers, shovel, watering bottle, and beautiful instruction booklet.

Includes Basil, Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, Mint, 5 coir expanding-soil discs, 10 Degradable Peat Pots, 5 printed plant markers for vegetable name & Sowed-On Date, 1 Trowel, 1 Transplanter, 1 Cultivator, 1 Pruner, 1 Sprayer, a detailed instruction booklet, wooden gift planter box.

Biodegradable herb planting pots

Organic Herb Seeds

These are perfect if you want to transfer outdoors or if you want to gift to a friend or grandparent.  The peat pots for seedlings include 30 pack seedling starter trays, 30 identification plant cards, and 1 set of mini seedling tools and 1 spray bottle. 

A mix of 10 popular heirloom & non gmo herb seeds for planting indoors / outdoors. Includes: Genovese Basil Seeds, Chives, Coriander / Cilantro, Dill, Oregano, Large Leaf Italian Parsley, Sage, English Thyme, Arugula, Mint Seeds - Mentha Piperita. 10 Bamboo Plant Markers & Wooden Gift Box

Kids Garden

Fun kid sized tools for your children to help with assisting in your herb, flower or vegetable garden.

Pizza Herb
Garden Kit 

Window herb planter kit

Add a touch of farmhouse decor to your home with these vintage plant pots. You get 3 galvanized metal flower planters with tray, that make the perfect herb pots to bring farmhouse decor into your kitchen.

Galvanized window herb pot

The perfect sized indoor planter box. The thick wood walls and a clear plastic liner is designed to hold the soil and water within to prevent leakage and spills yet appearing almost invisible.

Unicorn thermos

window wooden herb planter

Suitable for indoor or outdoor, balcony, window sill, table top...
You don't have to water the plants every day, it can store enough water for a week or more, and it's easier to grow.

self watering indoor planter

Quickly removes leaves from the stems of fresh herbs with herb stripper. Snip herbs in perfectly sized pieces right onto plates and pans. Say good-bye to tedious mincing and chopping with the most useful, fun kitchen gadget ever! 

Herb scissors & Stripping tool

Indoor herb garden kit

This kit includes everything you need to start growing your herbs: 3 gorgeous mini wooden planters with internal drip tray and integral chalkboard, nutrient enriched expandable soil pellets, herb seeds, chalk and a detailed instructions booklet.

Copper watering can with an anti-rust coating.  Designed to be lightweight enough to carry, while maintaining a 1.5 Liter capacity to conveniently water your garden without refilling.

Kids watering can

Herb supplies

One of our favorite school safe alternatives and great for making granola bars and energy bites

Cherry Pitter

beyond equator 5 seed butter

I love using oat flour as a gluten free alternative or to add extra nutrients in regular baking

gluten free
 oat flour

My favorite gluten free flour to bake with - it has the best taste and easiest conversion

gluten free flour

One of our favorite fun dye free sprinkles for making cookies and other fun treats!

starfetti dye free sprinkles

A yummy chocolate almond butter that is much lower in sugar in comparison with other chocolate nut butters - it is very yummy on apples!

Barney's chocolate almond butter

A fun and unique school safe alternative that is a great ingredient in granola 

88 acres Pumpkin seed butter

yummy products

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Because the world deserves a bit more goodness
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