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Leprechaun Hat Cake

Hi!  Hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day.  Savanna was home from school on Monday and Tuesday as the teachers made preparations for them to return to school full time.  On her day’s off we decided it would be fun to do a big baking project together for St. Patrick’s Day.  We built this Leprechaun Hat Cake with a chocolate and sprinkle filling using my one bowl vanilla cake recipe.  We tried to make a rainbow, but the natural dyes did not work as well.  Check out a short video here on how we put the Leprechaun Hat Cake together.

Sprinkle and Chocolate coin filled cake

It was with mixed emotions that I sent her back for her first full day at school.  On one hand I was ready for her to go back, be with her friends and be taught by a teacher and not me, but on the other I would miss her, my baking buddy and Peter would miss his playmate.  On the contrary she was super excited to go back and had fun wearing green and enjoying being back in school full time.  I also made this yummy slow cooker corned beef and cabbage that I tried for the first time last year and loved how easy it was.  Peter and I also made my favorite Irish Soda Bread that is adapted from a recipe from Grandmother.  Hope you enjoyed your St. Patrick’s Day!

Leprechaun Hat Cake - Photo

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You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!

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