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As I am sharing all of these lactation recipes I thought it was only appropriate to share some real life information about me! All 3 of my children had milk & soy allergies and were very fussy nursers and it was not easy.  We did not find out until almost 4 months with my first child, I tried giving up soy and dairy in my diet (there were not nearly as many alternatives 6.5 years ago!!) and she was still fussy while eating.  We finally tried a special formula and she was finally a happy eater so I stopped. 

After having that experience, I saw the signs early with my middle son and tried pumping and giving up soy and dairy in my diet but it was too hard to juggle with an 18 month old as well and he was also very happy on the formula so I stopped after a month. 

With my third son, I decided to give up dairy and soy a month before he was born so it would be out of my system and never in his system and I could have a pleasant nursing experience.  Sadly, he still screamed and cried while I nursed he did not with a bottle though – so I pumped for 4 months and stayed dairy and soy free.

Moral of my story and reason for sharing is do what is best for you and your family and keeps your baby healthy and happy!

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