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Patriotic Snack Tray!

John requests a snack tray almost daily so I thought it would be fun to create a festive patriotic snack tray! This can work as fun big family snack or if you happen to be entertaining friends or family. It has a fun healthy assortment for kids and adults.  I used my healthy yogurt ranch as a dip and included our favorite festive fruits, veggies and snacks that we always have stocked. Salsa would also work really well but I didn’t have any!  We made one on Friday as a snack tray and one on Saturday with salami and extra cheese as a lunch tray. A patriotic snack tray is super easy appetizer or a great way for your family to eat extra fruits and veggies and celebrate!

Patriotic Snack Tray Inspiration

⭐️Grape Tomatoes
⭐️Red Peppers
⭐️Blue Chips
⭐️Skinny Pop
⭐️Cheddar Cheese Stars
⭐️Healthy Yogurt Ranch

While this wasn’t the most normal 4th of July it was as normal as it could be.  We had fun making festive foods and we hung at our local beach and saw fireworks.  I could not be more grateful that we had those opportunities right now to keep things somewhat normal for our children.


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You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!

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