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Peter is 2!

I cannot believe our baby is 2.  It is a total cliche, but time really goes faster with each child.  We had a fun weekend celebrating this special boy.  Over the last 6 months his personality has exploded and he is trying harder everyday to keep up with his brother and sister.  He is our flexible 3rd child who loves books, paw patrol, his scooter, kicking a ball and playing with his siblings.

His favorite foods are pizza, veggie nuggets, carrots and fig bars.  He loves to say yummy which makes all of the cooking and baking I am doing now worth it!

I am grateful he is only 2 and will not remember this quarantine birthday when he couldn’t have a party.  He was excited when we were able to FaceTime the grandparents and sing together at cake time!  I am also grateful for technology to allow us to do it because it meant a lot to everyone.

Savanna helped me make his cake and was very proud of our team effort.  It was really sweet how she wanted to make it special for him.  We made my one bowl vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling and a vanilla buttercream frosting.  I put together a video with some tips that you can see here.

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You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!

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