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Peter’s 3rd Birthday

I cannot believe our baby is 3!  Everyone always tells you that the days are long, but the years are short and it is really true.  We had so much fun celebrating Peter this past week.  It was especially special because it was the first birthday that we were really able to celebrate with family comfortably in over a year.

On the flip side, although, there were many difficult things about the past year, Peter really benefited from the slower lifestyle and loved having his siblings around so much.  His personality and imagination exploded over the past year.  He loves to read a million books a day, play with his hot wheel cars, watch and play Paw Patrol as well as Mickey and the Roadster Racers.  Peter loves to play imaginary games with Savanna and sports with Chris and John.

His favorite sport to play is golf and we were lucky to find a mini golf that was open early in the season to play on his actual birthday.

Savanna was a big helper and assisted with Peter’s Racetrack Cupcake Cake inspired by his love of cars.  We are excited to see what another year brings for this amazing little guy!

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You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!

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