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Raw Vegetables

Why I serve raw vegetables

Fast & Easy Side Dish & Kid Friendly Vegetable

You may have noticed that “Pick Your Own Veggie” pops up a lot on my meal planning menu so I wanted to share why 🙂

  1. For the summer it makes life easier to not have to prep or cook another item when we are coming home late, which is also why you have seen numerous salads on the menu!
  2. There are certain vegetables that my children will not eat, but my husband and I like.  For those nights they can choose a raw vegetable and I am not “cooking” an extra item.
  3. In general, my children prefer raw veggies (which depending on the vegetable may give them more nutrients).
  4. They feel in control when they are able to choose.
  5. They eat them happily and there is no wining and complaining which makes everyone happy!

So over the course of the week I try and balance vegetables that they will eat, but may not love with ones they really like to make it easier on everyone.

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