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Healthy No Boil Pasta Bake Recipe - Photo

Hope are you surviving and enjoying the December craziness!


Day 1: Shortcut Meal: Costco Sous-Vide Grilled Chicken with Roasted Veggies & Toasted Pitas

Day 2: Meatless Meal: Black Bean & Veggie Enchiladas  will serve with a cucumber, tomato & avocado salad (this will be a make ahead meal)

Note this is the first time I am trying this recipe – update 12/16 – almost everyone loved these.  I adjusted the recipe by using 2 small shredded zucchinis instead of spinach.  I eliminated the pepper and onion and added 1/2 cup of salsa and 1/3 cup of sour cream.

Day 3: Slow Cooker Meal: Orange Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas and over rice or rice noodles

Note: this is the first time I am trying this recipe.  Update 12/16: This was great I substituted Japanese BBQ sauce instead of regular and used chicken thighs.

Day 4:  No Boil Shredded Chicken Pasta & Veggie Bake 

Note: I am going to make a full batch of shredded chicken and use the 2nd half for the following week

Flex Meal: Homemade Pizza

Baking:  Holiday Treat #4: Biscotti with Dried Cranberries & Pistachios 

Holiday Treat #5: Chocolate Chip Ganache Stuffed Cookies 

Note: I have adapted these over the years (I don’t add walnuts and only do chocolate and heavy cream for the ganache)

Holiday Treat #6: 4 ingredient Peanut Butter holiday sprinkle cookies (trying to develop this)

Dairy Free Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti - Photo

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You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!

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Because the world deserves a bit more goodness
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