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Woodloch Pines Family Weekend Trip – Activites and Details

Hi! I wanted to share some details from our short family trip to Woodloch Pines in PA this past weekend.  We planned the trip to celebrate my father in law’s 65th birthday!

Grandpa is a special person to us because not only is he your normal wonderful grandpa who loves to play games and sports with us, but he is also our main helper.  To put it in my kid’s words “we don’t need a nanny we have Grandpa!”  It is very helpful and I am very thankful to have him close by to help when I have errands, meetings and appointments and not have to always bring the kids with me and for them to be with someone they know and love.  For all those many reasons it was fun to celebrate him this weekend!

Woodloch Pines Family Trip Details

Woodloch Pines was a great 3 day weekend trip for us.  It was 2 hours away which was the perfect distance for my kids who don’t love traveling in the car.   It is easy to get a full day in there on the days you were traveling (which is key for a long weekend trip).  Woodloch Pines is also perfect in small doses in my opinion.  There were a million activities (a kid’s paradise) but a bit much after a couple of days.  They literally had almost every activity you could think of.

First on the list was the indoor pool which had a toddler pool, water slide and little kids splash zone – I did not get a lot of good pictures, but you can link to it here.  The pool was great for all ages.

They had bumper boats

woodloch pines bumper boats - PHOTO

woodloch pines bumper boats - photo

Bumper Cars

woodloch pines bumper cars - photo

Go-Karts – Savanna’s Favorite

woodloch pines go-karts - photo

Batting cages, indoor playground, indoor basketball, outdoor playgrounds, shuffle board courts, bocce ball courts and a mini bowling alley (which we didn’t even make it to!).

A favorite was the 9 hole mini golf course (John played about 10 x) and Peter enjoyed “playing” as well!

woodloch prins 9 hole mini golf course - photo

On top of all of those options they had activities planned everyday.  We participated in the Halloween Baking Wars, Halloween Olympics, jewelry making and pumpkin painting.

woodloch pines baking contest - photoThey had bingo and many other games available everyday as well (it was a very competitive resort 😉).  On the last day they brought in a petting zoo which was Peter’s favorite.

I also wanted to note that we stayed at Woodloch Springs which was 2 miles away.  At first I was skeptical about not being on site, but in the end I was very happy with the decision.  It is slightly inconvienent if you have a baby who naps, but the rooms at the springs are nicer and really big (which is convenient for a large family trip).  Woodloch Springs was right on the golf course which was a huge win for my son who loves golf.  Lastly, I was happy we stayed there because if you stay on site you need to do the meal plan and I much prefer not to be tied to a meal plan.  Plus we did a dinner and grabbed a lunch there and the food wasn’t very good.

All in all, I thought Woodloch Pines was a great family weekend trip and would recommend it!


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