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Easy Birthday Cake Ideas and Recipes!

What day is it?  Oh right – Happy Friday!  Anyone else feel like the days are blurring together?  As we are preparing for a birthday in our house next week I thought to myself that there are a lot of birthdays that will be celebrated over the next few weeks. So I thought it would be helpful to share easy birthday cake ideas and recipes!  Many of you may not want to order it or go to a store to get it. 

Easy Birthday Cake Ideas and Recipes!

  1. My Easy Vanilla Birthday Cake:  There are step by step instructions, tips for how to have your children help in the post.  If you are gluten free a 1-to-1 Gluten Free Baking Flour should work, but I have not tested it yet.  Check out the notes section for other adaptations.
    1. That cake has a simple vanilla glaze, but we also love my vanilla buttercream (in the recipe notes of this post) which we will be making this week.
    2. We filled it with cherry jam for Savanna, but Peter loves chocolate so I will be making a simple chocolate ganache filling for this weeks cake.
    3. I made a sprinkle surprise cake and made a video of each step you can find the details on my YouTube page.
  2. Personalized Sugar Cookies are always fun! If you want a Gluten free and dairy free version sugar cookie version you can use my “crust” for my American flag cake.  I altered my no chill sugar cookie recipe for it.  
  3. We have really enjoyed this chocolate chip cookie cake from Sally’s Bake Blog for other birthdays.Chocolate Chip Cookie Birthday Cake - Photo
  4. Ice-Cream Sundae Bars are also a fun and easy idea!

Easy Decorating Ideas and Toppers

  1. I love these natural and fun starfetti sprinkles. I also have a bulk natural rainbow sprinkles for the funfetti cake and when we have ice-cream etc. 
  2. I got the rainbow cake topper from party city, but amazon has a bunch of fun ones too.
  3. I have bought a Costco cake and used ordered a personalized edible design from this etsy shop, but you can find non-personalized ones on amazon!  I am linking one to a paw patrol theme 🙂
  4. Amazon also has a ton of themed cake decorations.  Search cake toppers or your parties theme and cake toppers.  For example Paw Patrol Cake Toppers.


Be on the look out next week for the details of our cake!  Let me know if there are any other recipes and tips I can help with!

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