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Mother Daughter Book Club – Chapter 1: Meet Yasmin

First chapter of the Mother Daughter Book Club was a success! With two of our beach and camp friends that we have formed a close circle with we decided it would be fun this year to form a little summer book club.  We could meet and plan food related to the book on picnic nights at the beach.  The weather wasn’t great but we were able to still meet outside at our house!  For our first book we chose Meet Yasmin by Saadia Faruqi. It was a great little chapter book about a Pakistan 2nd Grader solving life’s little problems.  We planned a fun themed potluck dinner to tie it together.

Mother Daughter Book Club - Photo

Dinner Details:
⭐️NYTimes slow cooker butter chicken
⭐️Two Peas in their Pod crispy chickpeas with curry powder
⭐️Tahini Yogurt Dip (I added 1 cup of greek yogurt to my tahini sauce) and raw veggies
⭐️Brown Rice
⭐️Costco Naan (not pictured)

It was a great way to get the girls to try new foods.  I know that if I had tried out the butter chicken recipe for a regular night my children would not be happy.  It looks super spicy but it is night – it was really delicious!  The book was also great because it also included some discussion questions, a bookmark craft and a Mango Lassi recipe.

Mango Lassi - Photo

We can’t wait for the next Mother Daughter Book Club!

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