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2022 Favorite Packed Lunches & Updated Lunch Guide

With the start of the school year I thought it would be helpful to inspire ideas for lunch packing and share our top favorite packed lunches.

  • Deconstructed Yogurt Parfait
    • I use this nut free granola recipe or buy this one.
    • Replace the muffin with a veggie.
    • I try and use a muffin with a veggie in it (one pictured is chocolate beet). You can find all of my muffin recipes here.
    • Replace trail mix with any seeds or a small treat.

  • Banana Sushi 
    • For school we do SunButter, but this works with any nut or seed butter or Nutella!
    • I added cheese to the box for extra protein, but you could swap with yogurt.
    • Swap freeze dried blueberries with any dried fruit or seeds.
    • Veggie Straws could be swapped for any fun snack.

Banana Sushi - Photo

  • Guacamole with Pretzels and Cheese
    • I like to buy these in bulk at Costco and you can freeze them (take out day before).
    • We love these with pretzel thins or the multigrain tortilla chips from Costco.
    • Extra protein: cheese stick or black beans.
    • Any veggie works, but I like to include one they can dip.
    • I pair this with a fruit, tomatoes or salsa.

Guacamole Dip Lunch Box - Photo

  • Hot Dog Skewers
    • Skewer hot dog pieces and mozzarella stick pieces on tooth picks (I do this as a fun change of pace but they don’t have to be skewered together.
    • The Chocolate Chip Banana Oat Cookie can be replaced with an energy bite or any snack food.

Hot Dog Skewers - Photo

  • Mediterranean Lunch Box 
    • Swap olives with pickles, or dried fruit.
    • Salami is pictured but any deli meat works.
    • Hummus is pictured but any dip works. Ranch or tahini are good alternatives.
    • You could swap crackers for toasted sourdough, pita chips, bread sticks, or your favorite gluten free alternative.

Mediterranean Tray - Photo

  • Waffles or Pancakes & Turkey Bacon
    • Replace turkey bacon with real bacon, sausage pieces or a hard boiled egg for a protein.
    • Substitute yogurt for a protein.
    • Instead of syrup make a yogurt dip.

Waffles Kids Lunch - Photo

  • Make your own Lunchables
    • We use turkey pepperoni, but you can use regular, salami or cut ham or turkey.
    • These are a great gluten free nut free cracker if you need.
    • Instead of the dip you can add an energy bite or small treat.
    • You don’t have to use liners to separate crackers and cheese but this is the set I have if you want some.

Kids Homemade Lunchables - photo

  • Mac & Cheese / Pasta
    • Use your own favorite Mac & Cheese or pasta or plant based pasta for more protein
    • I use this thermos or this one.

If you liked these ideas and want more check out my free Lunch Guide.

Included in the guide is:

  • Tips
  • Create Your Own Guide with over 30 combination ideas
  • Visuals (over 20 for your kids to look at)
  • Breakfast for Lunch
  • Lunch Meat Ideas
  • Other Healthy Lunch Ideas
  • Kids Salads
  • Favorite Products

How do you get this guide?? It is free all your have to do is subscribe to my newsletter which you can do from my homepage.

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