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2022 Year in Review & 2023 Intentions

2022 was a welcome return to normalcy with a lot of amazing trips, sporting events and activities!  The year started off with some masks and limited activity, but soon returned to all regular activities.

We continued our tradition with kicking off the new year skiing and a fun few days on the slopes.

Peter celebrated his 4th birthday and he was finally able to have a party with friends which he was super excited about!

We planned our first big trip since 2020 to one of our favorite resorts in Texas that we stumbled upon a few years ago.

John celebrated his 1st Communion and turning 8!

We played A LOT of Lacrosse and Soccer! I realized when I was picking pictures for this post, I don’t have as many pictures documenting this.  This will be a goal for 2023!

Savanna and Chris went to their first Daddy Daughter Dance!

I got away with friends!

One of the biggest 2022 events was a new addition to our family – PENNY!  We welcomed a mini golden doodle in June.  It has been a big change but a wonderful one.

And our favorite time of year – beach, pool, & ice-cream season!

And this guy continues to love playing endless rounds of golf.

Savanna danced in her 6th Big Little Show and Peter decided to give it a whirl (not sure he will again :))

Then we headed off to 10 days with family in the Jersey Shore and Bethany Beach which included many many rounds of mini golf.


We capped off the summer with a great family trip to the Sagamore in Lake George.

In September Savanna started 4th grade, John started 3rd and Peter started his last year pdf pre-k at the Nature Center.

For Halloween we had a twisted angel, a grim reaper and spider man!

Savanna celebrated a milestone birthday, 10!  We had friends to make pizza and cookies, took a trip with a few friends for a sleepover in the city and had a girls trip to Savannah, Georgia with my aunt.


For the first time for the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, we did the paws walk, John participated in the 1 mile race and Savanna ran the 3 mile.

We finished off the year as we started it, celebrating the holidays with our families and some great family skiing.

I am working on setting some small intentions for the New Year, but first I wanted to look back.

Last Years Intentions: 

  • Drink more water consistently – always a battle for me and something I need to think about.
  • Being more patient.  This is a family goal to be more patient with each other.  Funny I didn’t remember this was a goal from last year because it is definitely a goal again for this year.
  • 1300 miles (will hopefully include) 6 – 13 mile runs. I did it a little over 1300 miles!  I did not run six 13 mile runs but still logged lots of miles.
  • Do Yoga or Pilates 1-2x a week consistently. I didn’t keep track of this on a weekly basis, but I have been better about incorporating this in and I love it.
  • Food Play Go: Develop a helpful dinner pdf and/or meal plan guide.  Did not do and I really want to do this before February break this is on the top of my list!
  • Catch as many sunrises as I can – running early and having a quiet coffee is one of my favorite parts of my day and I would love to challenge you to catch a sunrise run or walk one morning!

Intentions for 2023

  • Being more patient – a family goal again!
  • Having my children do more.  I tend to do all of the small little things because it is faster and easier.  I think they can benefit from more responsibility and independence.
  • One family cooking night a week, where everyone chooses the recipe and participates in the cooking.  I do the least and just help guide them.  This was inspired by a kids cookbook gift for Christmas and Savanna and Chris have already made 2 meals.  I would like to keep this going.  I will create recap posts by the month if it continues to go well!
  • Run the NYC Marathon.  This has been on my bucket list for years and I would really like to do it this year and stop talking about it :).  I will continue to track my miles, but I don’t want to have a specific mile goal this year (100 a month).  I also enjoyed adding the balance of strength, pilates and yoga with my running.
  • Compost!  This has been a goal of mine for a few years now and my older children are interested as well so we are giving it a go!

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