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Greek Chicken Bowls - Photo

It looks like we have one more really warm week so I have 2 more grill recipes.  The highlight will be my recently posted Asian Pork Tenderloin Dinner and my Greek Chicken Bowls, which I am going to double for 2 meals or 1 meal and lunches.

Have a great week ❤️

Chickpea, Cucumber and Feta Salad - Photo

Day 1: Parmesan Basil Crusted Salmon & Tilapia – Serving with Broccoli & Our Weekly Sourdough Loaf (can buy or a this would be good with orzo as well).

Note: this is a favorite way to have fish in our house – I making a mix based on preferences

Day 2: Greek Chicken Bowls 

Note: Making extra chicken for a flex night / 2nd meal –  if we don’t use this is great for lunches

Day 3: Slow Cooker Jackfruit Carnitas (vegetarian) – serving with simple salads, avocado, tomatoes, etc….

Note 9/23: This was a new experimental recipe for us – ultimately they were decent but the texture was a little mushy so baked taco worked well.  A good way to eat less meat and get a good source of vitamin A.  May combine with pork the next to bulk up and use less meat in general.

Day 4: Asian Pork Tenderloin Dinner with cauliflower rice & sugar snap peas – new recipe posted last week!

Flex Meal: Leftover Greek Chicken & Cucumber, Chickpea & Feta Salad + Mini Naans

Treat: Healthy Vegan Apple Pie Crumb Bars

Breakfast: Pumpkin Overnight Oats

Note: 9/23 this was great and would make again

Snack: Chai Spice Energy Bites

Note: 9/23 these were super yummy but I had to add oat flour they were too “wet”

Healthy Apple Crumb Bars


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