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Kids Breakfast for Lunch Ideas & Tips

Continuing with my lunch theme I wanted to share kids breakfast for lunch ideas! I love making one or two big bulk breakfast items on the weekend and then using them for fun lunches.

Kids Breakfast for Lunch Ideas & Tips!

  • Almost all of these items can also be frozen as well so you can even take the time 1 – 2 times month to make big batches for breakfast and lunch variety.
  • You don’t have to make it yourself you can buy your favorite frozen, waffles, pancakes, or French toast and use them to add variety into lunch.  
  • I follow the same method of starting with a main and then adding in a fruit, veggie and small snack. 
  • Turkey Bacon is usually our extra protein of choice for these lunches but cheese is often added and you could also add ham or nuts / seeds.  
  • We also love adding in a mini muffin as a snack with the egg ones. Some of our favorites are:
  • I love using the bentgo boxes for these for the dipping section


  1. BAGEL, BACON (we mostly do turkey) & HARD BOILED EGG (don’t freeze)

Bagel, Bacon & Hard Boiled Egg Kids Lunch - Photo


French Toast Sticks Kids Lunch - Photo

3. EGG MUFFINS – make with cheese & turkey bacon and/or veggies

Egg Muffin Kid's Lunch - Photo

4. WAFFLES – I like to serve my zucchini waffle ones best for lunch if we have and cutting these into strips or making sandwiches

Waffles Kids Lunch - Photo

5. PANCAKE SANDWICHES – I slice them in half and add cream cheese and honey (my boys prefer a nut butter and honey if we are home).  You could also make them into pancake tacos with yogurt & fruit!  We love this pancake recipe the best!

Pancake Sandwich Kids Lunch -

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