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Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

For my last back to school lunch post I am sharing 7 of our favorite healthy lunch combinations!  All of these ideas come together easily and are adaptable.  Feel free to mix and match and swap in other fruits and veggies. I am starting with the apple sandwich because it is perfect for the abundance of apples in the fall! 

Apple Sandwich - photo

Apple Sandwich – Core and slice an apple about 1/4 inch thick.  Then spread with seed or nut butter (optional: add hemp or flax seeds).  Last and place another apple slice on top and cut in half!

Mediterranean Tray - Photo

Mediterranean Tray – You can do this in a lunch box or a muffin tray but this may be the most requested lunch in our house!  If you are packing for school and cannot have tahini I make hummus or a white bean dip without tahini or you could buy tzatziki.

Kids Yogurt Parfait Lunch Idea - Photo

Deconstructed Yogurt Parfait - Photo

Yogurt Parfait – buy or make a nut free granola (if in school) and layer it with yogurt and fruit in a small jar.  Alternatively you can send it deconstructed.  This is a real fun change of pace – my daughter loves this.  If you do not need it nut free try my simple nutty granola or cinnamon walnut granola!

Veggie Burger Bites kids lunch - Photo

Veggie Bites – this is more of a toddler special but you can use a veggie burger for older kids. My daughter who is 8 loves this lunch with a Dr. Praegers Veggie Burger.  My son loves all of the Dr. Praegers Littles.  Check out some of my mini muffin recipes here.  

Jelly & Seed Sandwich - Photo

Jelly & Seed Sandwich – spread your favorite jam on your favorite bread and add chia, hemp or flax seeds for some protein and an extra nutritional boost!

Guacamole Dip Lunch Box - Photo

Guacamole Dip – I love buying these in bulk from Costco and then we freeze some if we do not think we will use them fast enough.  They sell small packs at Trader Joe’s that we really enjoy.  I love to serve these with pretzel thins or tortilla chip and carrots for easy dipping.  You could also add some salsa at home 🙂

Banana Wrap Kids Lunch - Photo

Banana Wrap – Lay your tortilla flat and spread with a thin layer of nut/seed butter around the entire thing. Make sure to get the edges because that works as your glue).  Place your peeled whole banana in the middle and roll up (option to add flax or hemp here as well) – cut in half or into 1 inch pieces.  For school I love this mixed seed butter, dark chocolate seed butter and the sunbutter from trader joes.  


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