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2022 Kids Halloween Recipes & Ideas

If you cannot tell my children LOVE Halloween (almost as much as Christmas) and really get into the spirit of it.  Each year I have created a few new recipes for the season and curate a new round up.  See below for the 2022 kids halloween recipes & ideas.  Also make sure to check out this years halloween week themed dinner menu!

2022 Kids Halloween Recipes & Ideas

New Recipes this Year

Spooky Halloween Snack Board - Photo

Spooky Halloween Snack Board


  • Cauldrons 
  • Sliced Cheddar Cheese Ghosts
  • Carrot Fingers (I inserted baby carrots into some plastic fingers)
  • Olives & Candy Eyes
  • Guacamole & candy eyes
  • Salsa & Candy Eyes
  • Clementine Pumpkins (peeled and celery for stem)
  • Salami
  • Nuts
  • Dates or dried fruit of choice
  • Extra plastic Halloween themed decor (spiders, skulls etc…)


Sheet Pan Jack O’ Lantern Quesadillas & Witch’s Brew

Make sure to check out the post for all the fun ways you can devour these quesadillas!

Halloween Food Ideas - Photo

Mummy Naan Pizzas 

Check out the details here on how to make Naan Pizzas.  Instead of shredded mozzarella you will need sliced mozzarella cut into strips.  You will also need 4-5 kalamata olives slices for the eyes.

Mummy Naan Pizzas - Photo

Past Recipes

Monster Avocado Toast


  • Favorite Toast
  • 1 avocado
  • 2 slices of turkey bacon
  • Bananas or Cherrios or Candy Eyes
  • Raisins and/or Dates

Healthy Halloween Avocado Toast - Photo

Halloween Potatoes

A personal fun favorite.  Ingredients are below and you can find the full details in this post.


  • 1-2 large red potatoes
  • 1-2 sweet potatoes (made less because of shape was less flat and I got less per potato)
  • Olive oil cooking spray
  • Salt

Easy Healthy Halloween Potato Ingredients - Photo


Easy Kid Friendly Halloween Recipes Potato Shapes - Photo

Mummy Hot Dogs!!

I have cut them in half for toddlers or for a party appetizer – full details can be found here.


  • 12 Uncured Hot Dogs
  • 1 Package Immaculate Baking crescent dough (you can use any crescent dough, I just like their ingredients better)
  • Candy Eyes

Mummy Hot Dog Ingredients - Photo


Frozen bananas dipped in yogurt to make ghosts!  Find the full recipe details here. These are a fun snack, healthy treat or we have even eaten them with breakfast!

Healthy Halloween Snacks - Photo


Breakfast & Lunch Ideas

Halloween Smoothies!

You can choose from one of these 3 recipes or your own favorite green smoothie.

Kid Friendly Green Smoothie

Creamy Green Avocado Smoothie

Peanut Butter Banana Green Smoothie

Monster Face on Glass: Use dry erase or wine markers on glasses or plastic tumblers to make monster faces – Savanna & John had fun creating their own

Healthy Halloween Ideas - Photo

Monster Face on top: this worked well for us on one smoothie and sank on another
Two thin banana slices with mini chocolate chips & candy corns for a mouth

Monster Smoothies - Photo

Mini Ghost Pita Bites

(I get these mini naan at Costco)

Mini ghost pitas - photo

Quesadillas & Banana Ghosts

Easy Healthy Halloween Ideas for Kids - photo

Cheese Ghosts, Mummy Apples, Jack’o’Lantern Peppers and my Healthy Brownie Bite Bat

Ghost and Bat Toast with Clementine Pumpkins

Easy Healthy Halloween Breakfast Idea - photo

Snacks & Healthy Treats

Halloween Cake Pops with a No Bake, Gluten Free & Vegan Cake Pop Center

Healthy Halloween Cake Pops - Photo

Witch’s Hat & Bat Cheerio Bites

Made with my 3 Ingredient Cheerio Bars with Chocolate Sunbutter or Chocolate Almond Butter

Hat & Bat Chocolate Cheerio Bites - Photo

No Bake Brownie Bites

Rolled and cut into hats & bats!

Healthy Halloween Cookies - Photo

Homemade Halloween Cheese Crackers 

Halloween Shaped Cheese Crackers - Photo

Monster Kale Chips

Monster Kale Chips - Photo

Some of these items are great ideas for class parties or to take to a Halloween gathering as well.  It is great to have some healthy options to fill up on to help prevent eating too much candy.

Kids Healthy Halloween Recipes to take to parties

  • I like putting the banana ghosts and mummy apples on popsicle sticks
  • Jack’o’Lantern Peppers are fun to fill with dip or guacamole
  • Clementine pumpkins are really simple and a fun favorite
  • Mummy Hot Dogs are a huge hit (not the healthiest but it is a non-sweet)!
  • Halloween Cheese Crackers!
  • Mini Ghost Pitas

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